A little bit about who I am.

Walking beside you as you grow.

Linda Simpson

I’ve worked for a long and successful time as a coach in spiritual, life and business areas. Whilst assisting awareness in my clients I’ve developed many useful Journey Processes and Inner Growth courses which clear and clarify, allowing greater awareness of your next steps on your spiritual and life journey. Recently I’ve been ‘nudged’ to share these processes out to a greater audience and have incorporated the Assisting Frequencies of the Anahata Codes to activate those areas of your inner library which will assist you on your current path. I’m a transformation catalyst and an awareness activator. My best feeling role is to stand with you as a clear conduit as you connect more clearly with your higher self. It’s a purpose that I Love. My preference is always that you use the skills and tools I share to enable yourself, taking you beyond the even small thought that someone else is responsible for your outcomes. It is my absolute JOY and pleasure to share this knowledge with you. With Joy and Love Linda.